Friday, November 17, 2017

Kiwi Lane Black Friday Sale!!! up to 40% off

Black Friday SALE!!!  I love Sales!!!

GO to shop and Black Friday for items on sale!  Things will go fast!!!

Let me know if I can answer any questions.  I bought some more accessories since I don't have many of those.   Leave me a comment and let me know what goodies you bought!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It all about the HAIR....and Scrapbooking the hair with Kiwi Lane templates

Hair.  Yes, I have a whole post about hair today!  
Hair in our house is ever changing.  I have three boys and they all have great hair in their own way.  My youngest has the best crazy hair.  I swear we can take him for a hair cut maybe once every six months or longer.  I only take him when he complains of it because I like him with crazy hair.  Even as a baby, he was my hippie baby.  I think he was three before we cut his hair.  But honestly, he didn't need it cut before three.  Jesse's hair curls so it doesn't look as long as it is so he can go longer between haircuts.  This layout is of my middle son: Owen.  Oh boy, where do I start with him!  He is typical middle child, keeping me on my toes all the time!  Once, I took him to get his haircut before school pictures.  I tell the guy what I want and that he has pictures soon.  I walk away to sit down.  Apparently Owen told the guy "shave me down and make me round"....yes from SpongeBob.  I couldn't believe he listened to the kid!!!!  Owen's hair was so short, in his pictures, he looked bald!!!  I'm saving those pictures for a future girlfriend!!!!
Owen has the most changing hair.  He gets bored.  He also has great hair so it's fun to see the different styles.  These pictures were before his next haircut.  I will admit, his hair was getting slightly out of control.....
These aren't the best photos, I just snapped them at lunch one day.  But I love them, they show how wild and crazy my Owen is. 

Speaking of hair: this is my oldest, Kyle.  He has the lacrosse flow hair.  Yes, it's a thing apparently.  All the boys have curl hair, they get that from their father because mine isn't curly.  Kyle has been growing his out.  I actually think it looks better grown out on him.  Besides, your only young once, grow that hair!!!  Or as the lacrosse boys say: Let it flow!!!  I snapped this picture this weekend at a lacrosse tournament. Kyle has taken to putting on a hairband before he puts on his helmet.  LOL.....yes I do find it funny.  I posted it on Instagram and my husband later said to me that it wasn't a good look.  I keep telling him to let Kyle be, it's the age.  And actually Kyle's hair is mild to some of the lacrosse boys....full on mullets on the field.  Is that a thing again?  Or do these boys TRY to look as crazy as they can???  Anyone have boys?  What is their hair like?  Leave me a comment!
Back to the layout: I loved using the Kiwi Lane templates on this layout.  
This was a kraft based cardstock paper pack.  I really liked the weight of it.  It was nice and heavy.  

I really liked using the brackets set on this layout.  All layers don't have to be perfectly straight!  I also trim and pieces that I need, using them as accents.  I also think the new pocket pages templates will work nicely as accents on regular scrapbooking pages.  I just ordered them and haven't had time to play yet, but they are really nice!  I can see me using them for Project Life pages but also on regular pages too!  
I like cutting out my templates and then looking at the cut edge left to see if I can use it in a unique way on my layout.  There are so many possibilities with these templates!

Thanks for stopping by and reading all about hair!  Leave me a comment about your son's hair!  If you have any questions about Kiwi Lane: feel free to drop a comment as well, or you can shop for Kiwi Lane templates at:  Kiwi Lane by Michelle McGraw

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Are you a dog lover? New puppy news, dog layouts, Kiwi Lane with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

Are you a dog lover?  This is the post for you!  I have packed it full of dog goodness!  LOTS of photos so keep reading!!!
I am sharing several dog layouts today with you.  I LOVE scrapping my puppy pictures!  We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: Otis and Levi.  We ADORE them!!!!  I often take pictures of the puppies....because they are just so darn cute!!!  
The first layout is using the Kiwi Lane Templates .  I was trying to use up some paper that I had and I liked the brown tones in this paper for male/puppy pictures.  
I love stamping so it was a great time to dig out my stamps and grab all those dog images and put them in a layout.  These are some images that I had already colored using my copics  and cut out using my Brother Scan N Cut.  When I want to be crafty but I don't have any ideas, I often stamp some images that I like, emboss with clear embossing powder so they are set for any type of coloring I may do.  I will sit down and just color.  It's so relaxing.  This has been a great project for me to do during a day crop.  So easy as I just bring my copics and my pre stamped images with me, and color and gab away!  I will then take the images and cut them out with my Brother Scan N Cut while I work at my desk a couple days later.  I end up with a contain full of precolored precut images to use.  They are ready made embellishments for me!
This was Otis not long after we first got him.  He was ssssooo tiny! He is my husband's little buddy.  As you can see here, when my husband HAS to be in the office doing computer work, he has a friend to help!

I love the Kiwi Lane accessory templates to add a small journal to the layout.  
I believe this is an older Simple Stories paper line.  

I love how sweetly Otis sat while Clint worked, it's almost as if he was reading his notes!  

Now for some exciting news:  We are adding a new addition to our family.  This is our new puppy that we pick up on Sunday (or Monday....depends on timing).  The breeder named him Leo, and we are thinking of keeping the name.  He is a super sweet Cavalier. He was outgoing, enjoyed playing with the other puppies, enjoyed attention from us, I think he is going to fit into our pack well!  My new hashtag #packof3 !  LOL!!  My husband's first question when we starting talking about another puppy was: Do we NEED another dog?  Such a silly man!  And the funny thing is: he picked out Leo!!!  Leo came right up to Clint, sat on his lap.....fell asleep on him, played with Clint.  I think Clint has a new buddy on the horizon!!  

There are four colors of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: Blenheim (Levi is Blenheim), Tri (Otis is a tri), Black and Tan, and Ruby (Leo is a ruby).  We originally went to look at a little girl Black and Tan...but fell in love with Leo.  It goes to show you that visiting the puppies can make a difference.  All the puppies were precious, we were looking for an active puppy that would want to play with our active Otis....and a puppy that liked to cuddle with the family too.  We think we found that in Leo.  
This is my his chair.....OBVIOUSLY he loves our dogs and they LOVE him.  Where is the third one gonna fit?  When we were discussing a new puppy, I told him:  groups of three are more pleasing to the eye.  He rolled his eyes at me!!!  LOL!!!
Here is another layout.......funny thing: another layout of my husband snuggling with a puppy!  I really didn't have to convince him very much to get another one!  
I used the Kiwi Lane templates for the title area.  I love that the Kiwi Lane templates really help me use up paper that I have in my stash.  I love that I can play with the patterns!  They are such a useful tool to have!
I had to include some stamping on my layout.  And this title was perfect for these pictures!!! 
I kept the stamping plain without color since I used so many patterns on this layout.  
This picture shows the inking around the layouts.  I love that the inking really makes the layers POP!

I put the title on the green layer since it really stood out from the other patterns, I think it highlights the title well. 

Since I'm talking all about my puppies:  Here is a silly picture the boys took one morning.  The "hat" is a puppy toy from our barkbox.  Levi is so patient that he lets you do anything.  Otis was very curious why his toy was on Levi's head.  
Here's another puppy picture to share:  Otis enjoys riding on ANYTHING....even the four wheeler with my oldest son.  Levi was just hoping Jesse didn't make him ride too!  (he didn't, but Jesse wanted Levi to be in the picture too!).
Once again: another layout with Otis and my husband!  See the trend here?  
Otis has the sweetest little expressions.  But he is pretty insistent when he wants something.  His favorite thing is to ride....on your lap!  So he was begging Clint to let him ride in the front of the car.  
These were some scraps of a Simple Story line I had left.  I think it was a good use for them.  

I loved Otis's little closed eyes here....trying to look as sweet as he can!

As you can tell, Otis is our silly boy.  He often lets the boys put hats on him....or socks....or just willing to do silly stuff.  He is always playful and ready to go anywhere with us.  Levi is our laid back guy.  He likes to nap.  He likes to lay near you and keep an eye on you.  He is very good where Otis is feisty, Levi is so easy going.  We love them both!  We can't wait to see how Leo will fit into our pack!
This is another Simple Stories paper line that I was trying to use up.  
I also did a little bit of splatter stamping with my Stampin' Up Gorgeous Grunge stamp.  I loved the pictures so much, I wanted to keep the layout pretty simple.  
As you can tell, we love our babies!  We can't wait to pick up Leo.  I am sure you will be seeing new puppy pictures soon!  And I am SURE I will be scrapbooking more of these great pictures too!
Thanks for stopping by.  If you are interested in the Kiwi Lane templates, be sure to check out my website:  Kiwi Lane by Michelle McGraw .  I also have a Facebook group with the same name that I share ideas in:  just search Kiwi Lane by Michelle McGraw on Facebook.  

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall Layout with Stamp Embellishments using Kiwi Lane templates

I hope everyone is having a good week.  This week has been crazy busy with an unusual schedule.  I wanted to blog this post yesterday but I spent all day getting a car worked on.  So here it is today instead!
I wanted to share a one page layout I did using some stamps as embellishments and using my Kiwi Lane templates.  I normally don't use such a busy background paper but I was trying to change up what I normally do.  I actually like it.  I am trying this more and more now, to use patterned paper in a bolder way.  
This also highlights one of my favorite templates:  the rings template.  This is a GREAT template.  I love circles.  If you are a long time blog reader of mine, you know that if I get stuck for a layout, I go to circles.  I use circles in various ways.  This was the first time I used the rings template but it won't be my last!  So much fun!  And you can use them in so many different ways!  I could have also used the lacey trims template in this layout if I didn't have the rings.  I love lacey trims as well.  If you are looking for an accessory template, these are two great ones to chose from.

I used a tag that was part of the paper pack for my title.  The equipment embellishments are Taylored Expression stamps.  So cute!  Since the pattern of the paper was so busy, I didn't color these stamped images in.  I like the paper strip going "through" the circle.      So much that you can do with the rings template.  

This layout used a lot of layers, I loved mixing all patterns together, 5 in the main title area!  I love it!!!

I wanted to show off the inking on my layers.  I used a matching ink for this layout.  Kiwi Lane recommends the tea stain ink.  It gives a great distress look for a lot of layouts.  But if you love inking and stamping like I do, you might own a lot of ink colors already.  USE them!!!  Match your ink color to the layout!  Tea stain is always my default ink if I don't have something that looks good or matches, and tea stain always looks nice.  Just don't be afraid to try something else too!

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend!  
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