Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Introducing Project Life by Stampin' Up!

I am so excited about this!!!!  Stay tuned!!!  I will be ordering ASAP!!!!  LOVE this! 
Want more information?  Visit this blog link from Becky herself:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Linking Up with What I love Wednesdays....except on Friday!!!!!

I am linking up with my friend, Jenny, at for what I love Wednesday.....but I didn't get around to it until Friday. 
I obviously love procrastination!!!  LOL!!

I am obsessed with my Vanilla Cream Soda Lip Smackers.  Yes, it smells just as good as it sounds!!!  And I LOVE these Zombie cards...yes Zombie playing cards!!!!  I LOVE The Walking Dead!!  But these are not for me, these are some playing cards that my sons use in homeschooling!  Yes, we are that funky!!! LOL!!!  We play lots of games, and always a game for a reward for finishing their work for the day. (I'm so sneaky...they think they are playing but learning is STILL happening!!!)  Zombie playing cards are a MUST!!!  Plus, they are easy to slip in my purse when we go out to eat! I found both of these at Target!!!

I am IN LOVE Zojirushi water bottle.  These are the BEST water bottles EVER!!!!  I can put ice in my water bottle, use it all day, add water to my bottle, and STILL have ice left in it when I get home at night!  Summer or winter, doesn't matter.  They are pricey (this model I bought for $38.XX on Amazon) but totally worth the cost!  We have a 100 ounce one that we keep in the car when we have an all day sport event.  I left that one in the car in 90 degree heat last summer- for a week and the water still had little pieces of ice and was still cold!!!  5 DAYS!!!  In the SOUTH!!!!  Wonderful!!!  Have I sold you on these yet??  Check out the sizes at amazon- caution- they are double walled so the bigger ones can get heavy- this one is 26 ounces.  BEST EVER!!!!  And of course it is sitting next to my beloved Cherry Sofia Coppola bag.  I love love love the color!  So bright!  The PERFECT red!!!  This is my first red bag. 

I love my puppy Levi!!!  And as you see here....he love Sofia too!!!  Only for him!!!!

I love this picture.  Here I am trying to take a picture of my new bag that I got on our Las Vegas trip at Louis Vuitton at Ceasars' Forums.  And my son plops his stuffed animal in the picture...yea, cute!!!!!  :)
I love my 31 bag.  It holds all our daily used homeschooling stuff.  I take it back and forth to the office and home, so we can use it at either.  These are just the items we are using a lot- I store all the other stuff at the office.  (notice the duck on the floor?  Levi's duck!!! He goes to the office daily with us!!!)
I can't leave out my Erin Condren planner.  I use this every day for our homeschooling.  I plan and note all our lessons for the day. LOVE it!!! 

I have embraced Fred.  Yes, the Life of Fred math books are BIG hits with the boys.  They love the stories!  Math is fun!!  I love the reason behind the math problems.  We do use extra practice when needed but we all LOVE Fred...and Kingie!!! 
I am obsessed with the show Vikings on the History channel.  Really good! 
What are you loving this week?  Any good shows?  Products?  Leave me a message and let me know!  Head over and visit Jenny's page as well and see what she is loving this week!!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekly Deals are Up st Stampin' Up!!!

I love this week's sale!!!  Glimmer Paper!!!  Count me IN!!!!  This is a great time to stock up on it for your Christmas cards, I know that sounds silly but I used a BUNCH of it and only have scraps now from doing my Christmas cards. 
Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cross Stitching to Vegas!!!

Hello friends!  I have been missing in action for a little while.  My life has gotten busy, I recently started homeschooling two of my three kids.  While is it very rewarding, it can be frustrating and time consuming too! :) I am finally getting in the swing of things, and so are the boys. 
The great thing about homeschooling is that trips are no problem at all!  We worked with my oldest son's school and took off for a cross country drive to Vegas.....from North Carolina!!!  Yes, we drove!!  Vegas is three days of driving from NC.  On the way out, we stopped to visit some friends in Dallas, TX- so that extended our trip to four days of driving.  The great thing, my kids learned and experienced so much!  We went to Vegas for the big construction show- Conexpo.  It was a great show!  But to get to the point of my blog post....cross stitching!!!!  I can't paper craft in the car, but I can cross stitch!!  And cross stitching I was!!!
I started with a new pattern- The Prairie Schooler ones are some of my favorite patterns.  Back stitching is at a minimum.....not that back stitching is hard but it is nice to get done stitching and be done- no need to add back stitching to make your design pop.  If you have followed my stitching posts- you know that I love to stitch minis in sets of four for my display board.  This was the first one.  Now I have to say, my sister is really against animals doing people things.  In my defense....the bunnies are doing bunny things!  :)  LOL!!!

This was my second one done on the way out.  I'm not sure why the material looks so faded and off color here but it is black.  Can you believe that I have never stitched on black material before, in all my years?  I liked using the black for this since the colors really popped on it and made it a nice change from any of my other Easter ones!  Unexpected but looked great!
While in Vegas, I had to stop at this cross stitching store I had googled.  It was AWESOME!!!  (I am not affiliated with this store, just really enjoyed shopping there and the ladies were Wonderful!!!!  Worth a visit if you are in the area!)  Stitcher's Paradise was a GREAT stop!!! I think I spend two hours in there!!!

I was blown away at their fabric selection!!!  So many pretty colors!!!  And this doesn't even show all of it!!
This was a wall of threads!!!  So many speciality threads!  I am not sure I have ever been to a store that carried so much!  And this picture doesn't even show it all!!!  
These are some of my finds that I got!!  This was a five pattern to some I already had that match.  I loved this one!!!
This magazine has some great Halloween patterns in it!  
This doesn't show the color well but it is the brightest, prettiest pink I have ever seen in cross stitching material.  Not sure what I will use it for yet but I couldn't pass it up!!!
Another great find....There are lots of patterns in this one!!  
Some more of my finds!
I can't pass up pretty material!!!  
These are two patterns that I found- the store is ordering me the other two to go with them.  The ladies were very helpful and answered many of my questions!

This is one of the patterns that I found that they are ordering the other ones for me.  I LOVED these!!!  So different! This one is the Wicked Witch, I want the tin man, Dorthy, and the Lion.  
Loved these for Valentine's day.  I will have to add a four design to it but shouldn't be hard to add a heart to go with this set, I'll just use the same colors that are used for these designs!

Time to go back to North Carolina, and time to do more stitching.....

 This one finished my set of four!  I started a new set....loved these fall animals, another Prairie Schooler pattern.

I am currently on my second animal.  They are turning out wonderfully!  I love the tie dyed material!  It looks great with the fall colors.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lock and Lock Containers and an Organized Plastics Drawer!!!

Yes, I can say it, I HATE my "Tupperware" cabinet.  It is the cabinet that everything gets thrown into and tumbles out as soon as I open the door! I avoid it!!!   I clean it, and it is messy less than a month later!  Containers that don't stack and don't even start me on lids!!!  My pet peeve...I can NEVER find the lid for the plastic storage bowel that I am wanting to use!  UGH!!!!
I found the perfect solution!  LOCK AND LOCK!!!  I'm telling you.....won-der-ful!!!
Okay, bravely, I will post a before picture.  In my defense of this MESS...I have three boys and a husband that has no idea HOW to put anything away correctly!  (and totally ALL their fault, right!!!  ;)  )  Okay, ready??   
Yes, it is a mess, pure and simple!! I can not believe I am posting these pictures!!!!  The HORROR!!!!!
Part of my organization problem is that this is the cabinet that I store my mixer in....but it ends up holding other crap on top of it and beside it and around it. 

Yes, this is all that crap out on the floor!  I can expect that LOTS of those pieces do not have matching lids.  There has to be a better way. 

There is!!!!  These are my new Lock and Lock containers.  I got mine at QVC....I love QVC!  These containers are wonderful!

This is one set, it has three different sizes, two in each size.  The best part- all the lids match ALL the containers!  No more searching for a lid!  All the lids fit no matter which size I use!  LOVE this!!!  
The containers come in several colors.  I went with fun and bright!  Who doesn't like pink anyways!!!!

Same lid on the smallest size!

As pretty as the containers were all matchy matchy- it is more practical for me to store them per size.  I can easily grab out the size I need.  They stack nicely for easy storage!  The best thing is that these containers are rectangle.  Why are rectangle containers so good? 
They stack well, they store amazingly!  There is no wasted space with the rectangle designs.  Image a large dinner with lots of left overs.  Now you have to put those containers in your fridge.  Round bowels waste space especially is you have a side by side fridge!  The rectangle containers and be place side by side and don't waste any space!  
Now I have NO problems showing the AFTER photo!!  How pretty!  I love these containers!!
I am still storing my mixer in the cabinet but I have a lot more room!!!  I didn't throw out my round containers- I am saving them to repurpose them!  With the boys homeschooling, I know we can find uses for them!!! 

I kept two of my biggest round containers- they are storing my little stuff in the drawer- these are all my school lunch making stuff, easily contained and easy to find.  The biggest round container is holding the lids for my Lock and Lock containers.  Just in case I need a BIG BIG BIG container.  I still have one and I store its lid right underneath it. 
I don't have any affiliation with Lock and Lock or QVC but I do LOVE them both!!!  Are you looking to organize your plastics drawer?  Head over to QVC!!!!  Also- Lock and Lock carries rectangle pitchers.  I love these too!  I can fit three of the biggest size in my side by side and milk, and juice and another beverage.  I could NEVER fit three round containers of tea in my fridge at one time! 
Hope this helps!!
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Dollar Store Homeschooling Finds! Great for the budget!

A trip to the dollar store doesn't get most people excited, but if it does, they maybe a homeschooler!!!!  Thinking outside the box really helps! 
What is the craziest thing you can find in my stash??   I have an educational purpose for everything on the table!!!  
My first find was the alphabet foam puzzles.  My kids are well over this age where this would be anything but boring for them, at age 7 an 9, they both know their alphabets well and normally do much more complicated puzzles than these.  (They love the Montessori map puzzles- I might need to find a supplier for them!) So why did I buy them???
When punched out from their puzzle part, they are PERFECT foam letters for building words!  I strongly believe in touching and feeling the work kids do- they learn better.  Montessori learning at its best!!!  Best of all, the letters have a pattern that you can see on the front of the letters so the child knows which side is the correct side.  This really help my dyslexic son.  No more flipped or backwards letters!
How are ice trays educational?  You can use them for sorting, practicing fine motor skills.  We are going to use ours to make mud bricks so we can build a pyramid for our Ancient Egypt studies!  No worries about ruining them, two for a dollar was a deal.  And we can wash them out an use them for another use again!!
Perfect sentence strips for grammar work!  

Now the barbies might need more of an explanation!  No my two boys don't play with barbies, although they were very pleased to pick theirs out. I might be worried IF I hadn't already told them how they were going to use them.  Now what are we doing with barbies?  We are going to mummify them for our ancient Egypt study!!!  They are so excited to make mummies!!!  

The measuring spoon and cups are for science experiments.  Now I won't complain they are using my good baking ones!  The letter cards are wonderful and I didn't even realize how great they were until I got them out of the packages.  They are raised slightly and glittered, and rough.  Sand paper letters!!!  Google Montessori sand paper letters!  We will also use these to build words and alphabetize our works!


These letter were great too!  I thought they were magnetic but they aren't, no problems.  We will still use them as letter and numbers.  We will be making math sentences as both boys are working towards becoming mathematicians.  

Now you might think how many letter manipulatives do we need?  As many as we can find!  Why?  My kids love the different textures.  They can do the same work- building words- and the work "feels" different because the letters are so different.  I will sort these into a craft box with 26 spaces so they can easily find the letters quickly to build words.
The flash cards were an easy buy as well.  We use flash cards a lot.  I try and keep at stack in my bag, I can pull them out while waiting in lines and do a quick run through or turn them into a game when we go out to dinner!

The containers will be helpful for works.  Make your workbooks more Montessori hands on, make a photocopy of the sheet and cut out the pieces for your child to match and sort.  Now your plain workbook is Montessori hands on work.  Same work, but it "feels" different!  Child fighting you to do their worksheet....try it!!!

We go through a lot of plastic bags for word sorts and other works. 

Tape measures turn measuring into math work fun!  My boys can play with tape measures for HOURS!!  They will be going on a math measuring treasure hunt soon!

This shows my $1 measuring cup....perfect for math and science!  Even better- they leave mom's allow AND they won't drop my glass one.

Foam letter stickers will be used as well.  So many ways! 

My boys are well past Sesame Street- boohoo....but these sandwich containers will be wonderfully for works.  Remember, different....they will be excited!
Overall, a great day and some great finds!  I'll be sure to come back and post our Ancient Egypt study!  Can't wait to see the boys mummy Barbies!
What is your most unusual homeschooling repurposing find or bargaining find???  Leave me a comment!
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