Sunday, July 20, 2014

Barkbox Monthly Subscription- July box and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hello four legged lover friends!!!  I have been wanting to try the BarkBox monthly subscription for sometime now.  Finally signed up for a six month subscription (you can chose which option you want)!  We LOVE it!!!!  The box comes nicely put together:
Each box comes with a card to tell you about the items in your box and how much they retail for.  (we definitely got our value in this box!!!!).  This is also handy is you would like to reorder an item that is your favorite!
Most boxes include treats- with two dogs, we will use these up!!

For our box, we opted for the extra toy- I think the fish is the extra one with month.  I love that the whole box has a beach theme even the toys!  Levi loves them all but keeps the crab close by himself!!!

There is even a frozen treat for Levi- I have it in the freezer and will treat him later this week!!!  He loves a fallen ice cube so I bet he will love this!

Levi and his crab!  He carries it around by the floppy legs!  So cute!!! 
If you are interested in receiving a Barkbox-  .  This is my link and I get credit. 
Overall, I think the Barkbox is a HIT for us!!!  Can't wait to see what comes next month!!!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Making a Recipe Book in Project Life Style

As many of you know, I love Project Life albums!  I love the ease of scrapping with Project Life, even if your not a scrapbooker normally, Project Life is really simple and can turn ANYONE into a GREAT scrapbooker!!!  The key to Project Life is the pictures (no brainer there right?) and the journaling!  Tell us about the pictures!  What's going on?  Who? What? When? Where?  Or maybe you want to journal about why you like these pictures.  One of my favorite ways to journal is to write a mini letter to my boys.  In years to come, my boys can pick up those books and read my message to them, encouraging words or a fun memory I have of them.  Priceless!!!! 
What other memories can be priceless in years to come?  A cookbook!  Now maybe you are scratching your head at this one but let me explain........
My grandmother was a wonderful baker )and a pretty good cook too!).  Yes, there are cooks, and there are bakers.  Anyone that thinks baking is totally easy, has never truly baked before.  There is an art to it.  Especially for the ones that don't use recipes, they use " a pinch of this", "a dab of that"...."yeah that looks good"- and their results are amazing!  That was my grandmother.  I'm not sure if she had a cookbook.  Maybe?  But she always made the best cakes, pies, cookies, and breads.  Unfortunately, as I got older and took an interest in baking, I have not been able to track down any of her recipes.  I'm not sure if they are lost or never written down in the first place.  THAT is what I am taking about!  Don't let this happen to you!  One of the best gifts you can give your own child, is your cookbook!!!  Include their favorite recipes, special holiday meals, even the things we think are easy, they might not be for a non-cooker!  (is that a word??)  One of the easiest ways to do this is making your own homemade cookbook!!!  Project Life fits this bill so well!!!  Project Life offers smaller sized page protectors that are perfect for cookbooks! 
Using the Project Life framelits- it is easy to cut any Designer Series Paper to decorate your pages and you can use the journal grid papers to write out your recipes!  Organize them by category by color!  Blue- meals, reds- sides, greens- desserts!  Include a quick picture of your finished product!  And always include a journal about the dish, who liked it best, any tips and tricks in making the dish!  Have fun with it!  This can be a wonderful gift for a new bride and groom in your family! 
Project Life products can be found on my website:
I am starting this project for my boys!  Look for future posts!!!! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stampin' Up Work of Art stamp set - EASY quick cards!

There is nothing like a great stamp set that makes a card quick and easy!  This is the new stamp set from Stampin' Up called Work of Art, it will be available June 1st in the new catalog.
I received this stamp set free when I attended the Demonstration Catalog Premiere Event.  I am not sure if I would have bought this one on my own, but after seeing all the ideas done with this stamp set,  has some GREAT elements in it!!!  (Isn't that always the way, you don't think you NEED a stamp, and then you see all the fantastic possibilities with it, and it is on your list!!!)  The brush strokes was the first element I loved about this set!  So simple but fabulous!  I look at this set much like Gorgeous Grunge, a great element stamp that will add a WOW to any project!  The brush strokes look amazing using a aqua painter on watercolor paper!  Very pretty! (that was one of the examples they showed at the event- and I was HOOKED!!)

For these cards, I used the new 2014-2016 In Colors for the card bases and for the ink as well.  To make the ink colors a little lighter, I inked up my stamp and then stamped off once on a scrap piece of paper.  I did this so that the sentiment stamp would stand out more.    I love the new in colors!  They are definitely colors I will use a lot!  I used the Decorative Dots embossing folder to emboss the front of my cards.  
For the inside of the cards, I used a photo polymer stamp set.  I love this big Thank you.  The great news is that there are going to be more photo polymer stamps coming out in the new catalog!  All the Stampin' Up alphabets are now going to be photo polymer which offers great placement!!!  I am very excited about this!  
These cards are going to be the end of the year teachers' cards.  I had my son sign them- yeah, just his name....yup, that's boy for ya!!!

This is a great personalized stamp from Stampin' Up.  It is the first personalized photo polymer stamp that Stampin' Up has offered.  I LOVE this stamp!  There are so many possibilities you can use this stamp for!  You can customized it for so many different ways.  I have this stamp. I also did another stamp with our family name McGraw in the middle with the big M and around the edges are all our names: five of them fit perfectly!  This is a great way to stamp our Christmas cards!  Have an etsy store?  Great way to stamp your store name on each order.  How about a upcoming wedding or birth??!  GREAT idea for a gift for a new couple or new mom and dad!!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Stampin' Up FREE SHIPPING!!!!!

I LOVE free shipping!!!!!  Free shipping on all orders from April 21st- April 25th!!! 
Be sure to check out the retiring list to grab any of your favorites before they are gone!!! And as always, grab a DEAL on the clearance rack!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Introducing Project Life by Stampin' Up!

I am so excited about this!!!!  Stay tuned!!!  I will be ordering ASAP!!!!  LOVE this! 
Want more information?  Visit this blog link from Becky herself:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Linking Up with What I love Wednesdays....except on Friday!!!!!

I am linking up with my friend, Jenny, at for what I love Wednesday.....but I didn't get around to it until Friday. 
I obviously love procrastination!!!  LOL!!

I am obsessed with my Vanilla Cream Soda Lip Smackers.  Yes, it smells just as good as it sounds!!!  And I LOVE these Zombie cards...yes Zombie playing cards!!!!  I LOVE The Walking Dead!!  But these are not for me, these are some playing cards that my sons use in homeschooling!  Yes, we are that funky!!! LOL!!!  We play lots of games, and always a game for a reward for finishing their work for the day. (I'm so sneaky...they think they are playing but learning is STILL happening!!!)  Zombie playing cards are a MUST!!!  Plus, they are easy to slip in my purse when we go out to eat! I found both of these at Target!!!

I am IN LOVE Zojirushi water bottle.  These are the BEST water bottles EVER!!!!  I can put ice in my water bottle, use it all day, add water to my bottle, and STILL have ice left in it when I get home at night!  Summer or winter, doesn't matter.  They are pricey (this model I bought for $38.XX on Amazon) but totally worth the cost!  We have a 100 ounce one that we keep in the car when we have an all day sport event.  I left that one in the car in 90 degree heat last summer- for a week and the water still had little pieces of ice and was still cold!!!  5 DAYS!!!  In the SOUTH!!!!  Wonderful!!!  Have I sold you on these yet??  Check out the sizes at amazon- caution- they are double walled so the bigger ones can get heavy- this one is 26 ounces.  BEST EVER!!!!  And of course it is sitting next to my beloved Cherry Sofia Coppola bag.  I love love love the color!  So bright!  The PERFECT red!!!  This is my first red bag. 

I love my puppy Levi!!!  And as you see here....he love Sofia too!!!  Only for him!!!!

I love this picture.  Here I am trying to take a picture of my new bag that I got on our Las Vegas trip at Louis Vuitton at Ceasars' Forums.  And my son plops his stuffed animal in the picture...yea, cute!!!!!  :)
I love my 31 bag.  It holds all our daily used homeschooling stuff.  I take it back and forth to the office and home, so we can use it at either.  These are just the items we are using a lot- I store all the other stuff at the office.  (notice the duck on the floor?  Levi's duck!!! He goes to the office daily with us!!!)
I can't leave out my Erin Condren planner.  I use this every day for our homeschooling.  I plan and note all our lessons for the day. LOVE it!!! 

I have embraced Fred.  Yes, the Life of Fred math books are BIG hits with the boys.  They love the stories!  Math is fun!!  I love the reason behind the math problems.  We do use extra practice when needed but we all LOVE Fred...and Kingie!!! 
I am obsessed with the show Vikings on the History channel.  Really good! 
What are you loving this week?  Any good shows?  Products?  Leave me a message and let me know!  Head over and visit Jenny's page as well and see what she is loving this week!!
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